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about me


Starting of the young age of 5, Jessie was a natural, with that special spark of a true star. She trained extensively in all aspects of the performing arts excelling in everything she put her hand to, from singing and songwriting, acting, modeling and dance.

Jessie secured her first television role at a young age and went on to star in numerous international campaigns and television series.  She has worked for a range of major networks from MTV & ABC to Australia’s 9 & 7 networks.

Whilst succeeding effortlessly in these areas and becoming the face of a national fashion label ‘Princess and Crook’, Jessie was also doing Modelling campaigns for ‘Billabong’. Jessie’s new EP is a reflection of her versatility and character. She has teamed up with Music Producer/Songwriter Josh Travers of multi-Grammy award winning production team “American Beat Studios” to create a sensational EP that is set to hit shelves later this year.


I hope you are enjoying the site. There is more to come, so please don't hesitate to touch base.

  • Address: Sydney, Australia
  • Phone: +61 (02) 8399 3050
  • Email:jessiemcl@hotmail.com